Sellers Winning in This Low Inventory Market

By Lucas Smith | November 13, 2021

The housing market is getting tighter and buyers have a significant advantage in today’s low inventory. Ready to sell homeowners can set themselves up for the win by using these 3 ways:
The number of homes on sale may be lower, but this will give you more negotiating leverage with your buyer when it comes time for them make an offer! In addition, there are less competition from other sellers that want what many people think goes into their dream home- which means they’ll get theirs faster too because no one else wants yours anymore (or at least not enough!).

1. Higher Selling Price

Homebuyer’s have been going to great lengths in the market today. In fact, they are willing to spend more money on a house than what it is worth just because there is such high demand from potential buyers! The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that homes typically receive 3.7 offers these days with so many people vying for properties- this drives up prices even further as sellers reap their rewards at an already inflated rate thanks both sides.

2. Increasing Equity

Rising property prices are great for homeowners because it means they have even more equity in their homes. The latest Homeowner Equity Insights Report found that the average American household owns 18% of its home’s market value, with some individuals owning as much as 80%. This has huge implications if you’re planning on selling soon or need to buy another house!

Rising prices mean not just increased revenue potential but also greater access to funds tied up within one’s properties; meaning no matter how tight things get outside our borders many Americans will maintain significant assets still attached solely by ownership interest alone (Huffington Post).

3. Better Negotiating Position.

In a sellers’ market, you have all of the power. Sellers don’t want to waste time working with buyers who will never be able to buy their homes because they can only afford an apartment in that building or neighborhood – but now I’m telling on your terms! In fact, there are even more reasons why it’s so important for people like us (buyers) not give up until we find something great: You might score yourself some really lucky land-grabbing opportunities as well.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the current sellers’ market, let’s connect today to determine your best move.

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