Setting an Example for True Change

By Lucas Smith | December 15, 2021

Prosperity Homes is intentionally designed to be a unique nonprofit model that connects the real estate and mortgage professionals to building and transforming communities all around the world. We are a membership and volunteer based designed nonprofit, showing the power of community and the power of many. 

We believe Real Estate to be the greatest potential to creating sustained prosperity in the world than any other avenue. A major part of the world’s greatest problems can be reduced, or eliminated, through the power of real estate.

We expect clean, sustainable energy from our energy companies. We expect healthy and sustainable food from our food industry and We expect the end of homelessness from our Mortgage and Real Estate industries.

In essence, we believe one of the core concerns of a real estate professional should be to uplift the community in which they work. Prosperity Homes creates an avenue so that this can happen.

By harnessing our collective power within one of the world’s largest industries, we provide shelter to those without a roof, edible gardens to those in need of food, and clean energy to those who lack electricity; all contributing towards a sustainable ecology where each individual can be prosperous and will have the freedom to be self-realized.

 We build thriving communities from the bottom up and the inside out.     

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