Why Do I Need an Experienced Real Estate Agent to Sell My Home?

By Lucas Smith | January 14, 2022

Why does a home seller need an experienced real estate agent to sell their home?

This real estate market is very robust, to say the least, with inventory so low that most homes are selling as fast as someone can put them on the market, so why does a home seller need a real estate to sell?

The Orange County Market has less than two weeks supply of homes for sale. Just two weeks worth of inventory! That means if we stopped listing homes today, we would run out of homes to sell completely in just two weeks. A normal market has 3-6 months worth of inventory!

So, we know that in a seller’s market the seller has the advantage and in a buyer’s market the buyer has the advantage, and we have for certain decided that we are for sure in a sellers’ market so back to our question: why does a home seller need an experienced agent to sell the home?

So here is a little known and fun fact: 74% agents sell less than three homes per year. Three homes per year! I don’t know about you but if I’m hiring someone to sell my home, I want to know they have the experience when it counts.

Many sellers make the decision on who to use to sell their home based on factors that have little to do with the agents’ capabilities such as, the agent offers a discounted commission?

While we are deeply committed to getting our sellers the most money, and we have a proven track record of getting our clients on average 4.9% more for their home than the average agent, people still make this decision based on the perceived “discount.”

I liken this to signing up for open heart surgery and asking who the cheapest surgeon is to do the procedure. Let me ask you if this was you having the surgery would you want the newer les competent “discount surgeon,” or the experienced pro with countless hours of successful surgeries under his belt and a proven survival rate?

Pricing your home correctly

Many less experienced agents will tend to be hesitant when pricing properties, because they are afraid that if they go into the appointment to see a seller, if the seller does not agree with the value that they have given for the home that they won’t get the listing.

As a result, they tend to overprice properties (yes, its possible even in a sellers’ market), and this results in your home sitting on the market, while the other homes in your area that are priced correctly are literally selling as fast as they go up.

Then the newer agent and the sellers are forced to have that uncomfortable conversation about reducing the price of the home to be in alignment with the market. If they think the sellers would be mad about price before they signed an agreement imagine how that conversation goes!

We have a proven pricing strategy to price your home correctly the first time to get you the most money in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle.

We are so confident of our pricing that we will guarantee it.

We here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Smith Team guarantee in writing to sell your home at 100% of asking price or we will pay you the difference.

How can we do that you might ask? I am sure that you as a consumer at some point have gone online to a real estate website to look at some homes.

If you have you will know that it does not take very long to run across some terrible cell phone pictures of a home and thought “what the heck are they thinking”? The truth is that they don’t know any better.

Most real estate agents are just salespeople, and they have no idea how to correctly market a home nor how to correctly market for buyers.

We here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Smith Team are a marketing company and while the average agent spends about $129 per month on marketing, we spend over 12,000 per month marketing to buyers and sellers, and as a result we have over 7,000 buyers in our database. We we might already have a buyer for your home!

So while most agents meet with a potential seller and talk about what they are going to do to attract buyers, we already have buyers ready, willing and able to buy and we have more coming in daily.

For Sale by Owner

Lets be honest, in this market you could have your 5 year old stand outside on a weekend afternoon with a “For Sale” sign and probably sell the house. I do not recommend this method by the way but you probably could.

I’m going to go back to the heart surgeon analogy, and this is really not something you want to do yourself.

Studies have shown that the average FSBO sells their home for 5.5% less than a licensed agent. Now with a median home price here in Orange County of $890k that’s about 49,000 reasons to hire a professional.

For a free copy of our any of our Guarantee Certificates, or for a free market analysis, please call us (714) 406-1414.

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