Top 8 Reasons Buyers Get the House of their Dreams with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

Everyone is talking about how there are fewer homes on the market and many home buyers must compete against other buyers to get a home. We are all hearing stories of multiple offers, bidding wars that are out of control and homes going way over asking price! We have even had buyers say that they want to “wait until the market cools off” before they buy.

Here are the top 8 reasons buyers get their dream home with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty.

1. We Assist You with the Best Financing

When most buyers start to look for a home, they will meet with a lender at some time and get “pre-approved,” which means that they have spoken to a lender, and that lender has looked at their credit, taxes & bank statements.

All of this sounds great until it comes time to make an offer on a home and they find out their “preapproval” is only as good as the paper its written on. Or worse yet, you get your offer accepted and then the lender only tells you AFTER you have spent money on inspections and appraisals that their underwriters are not approving you and you must cancel the deal. So, you might ask “what can I do different”?

When a buyer works with us, our preferred lending partners will get you fully underwritten same as CASH so that when you are out shopping for your dream home, we can make a non-contingent same as cash offer on your dream home! This helps you win in a multiple-offer situation as the seller see much less risk in accepting your offer versus a “pre-approved” buyer.

2. We are Experts at Helping the Buyer FIND their Right Home

We have our proprietary Home Hunter Service. This means that we give our clients access to all properties not just homes that they can already find on Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com, including but not limited to foreclosure, pre-foreclosure and for sale by owner homes that you will not be able to find on those real estate websites. We don’t rely on giving you just the houses already on the market.

Here’s a fun little-known fact: When you go on one of those websites and request a tour of a home, that website then sells that lead to a local agent who is simply using that as an opportunity to meet buyers. They usually are not the listing agent on the home and have no more information on it than an agent that you might meet anywhere else. They just happened to answer the phone when the lead selling service (read this as Zillow, Trulia Etc.) called them.

3. We Present the Winning Offer

Most agents do not write offers daily, and as a result either end up writing a low quality and poorly written offer. This reflects on you the buyer, and is a huge basis for the listing agent deciding if they want to work with that agent. While the listing agent is not the one making the decision on offers, they for certain have the seller’s ear and are the primary person the seller is taking advice from in regards to your offer.

We understand that information is key in writing the winning offer key for us and key for the sellers so we make sure that we are communicating with the sellers prior to writing an offer to ensure that we are including terms that are amenable to the sellers and buyers in our offer to ensure that the sellers want to work with us and that our buyers get the home of their dreams.

4. We Recommend the Most Competent Affiliates  

Now you might be thinking, “How does that matter to me?” Well, I could tell you the story of the buyer who chose a home inspection company (not one we recommended). The inspection company did not ask if the home had a pool to be inspected when the inspection was scheduled, and once they were doing the inspection did not ask about nor mention the pool in their report, and of course the pool had some issues that were not discovered until after the buyer took possession of the home.

5. We Communicate Throughout the Entire Process

We have heard horror stories about agents disappearing on their buyers once the home goes under contract. We have even had buyers reaching out to us when we are representing the sellers, asking what’s going on with their deal because their agent is MIA.

We require our agents to keep you Informed every step of the way. We promise we will give you clear and open communication the entire transaction, so that you are comfortable and confident with what’s happening with your home purchase. If we fail to do so, we will pay you $1000 at closing.

6. You are Never Obligated to Buy a Home

While we do work under an exclusive VIP buyer’s agreement, you are never obligated to buy a home. If for any reason during the course of our agreement you decide not to buy, or we are not living up to our promises, we have a written cancelation guarantee that is included in our agreement, and you may cancel at any time.

7. We Provide a 1 Year Home Warranty

All of our VIP buyers receive a free one-year home warranty that protects all the major systems in the home for a year.

8. We Provide a 24 month Buy Back Guarantee

We have our exclusive buy back guarantee that says if you don’t love the home you buy from us, we will buy it back or sell it for free for 24 months.

For a free copy of our any of our Guarantee Certificates or for a free market analysis please call us: (714) 406-1414.