How to Ensure You Have Smooth On-Time Closing

Moving is a substantial project that takes planning, expertise and patience. At the point a home seller accepts a contract is a happy and exciting time, but there is usually work ahead.

1. Inspection process

We can make a smooth on time Inspection process by getting ahead of inspection issues, We recommend that all of our clients get a pre-sale home inspection report as well as a pre-sale termite report. This usually only costs a few hundred dollars and will direct you to any potential problems that you might run into when the buyers are doing their inspections, and gives you the opportunity to repair any of these things before they become an issue.

The other advantage of doing a pre-sale inspections and repairs is, in our experience, often when a buyer who is in escrow on a home is presented with the completed home inspection report and a list of repairs that you the seller have done, they often do not choose to do their own inspection and are more likely just to accept the repairs that you have done to address the issues as sufficient, allowing you to dictate how much you spend on these repairs instead of the buyers coming back later and asking for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in repairs or repair credits.

2. Preparation for the appraisal

Many sellers do not realize that having your home show-ready for the appraiser is critical. Remember the appraisal is an independent evaluation of the value of the property required by the buyers lender in order to determine if the lender is making a good value decision on the loan.

If there is an issue with the appraised value the buyers will often come back and ask the sellers to discount thousands off of the offer price in order to meet the appraised value. Just like when you are showing the home to potential buyers you want your home in tip top show ready shape.

3. Contingency removal timelines

Be aware of the contingency removal timelines for your buyers per their contract and make sure that you are doing everything you can to help them meet those timelines such as allowing access to the home for inspections and appraisals as soon as possible, Here in California you should be Making sure that you have your water heater double strapped and your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors properly installed this will avoid the appraiser having to schedule a reinspection and potentially cause delays.

4. Getting your house ready for sale while starting the moving process

As you are preparing your house for sale start pre packing away the things that you wont need immediately. We often recommend that our sellers rent an off-site storage unit for boxes and furniture that you wont be keeping in the house during the selling process. We often see people use their garage for this purpose and that’s a good last option, however if possible store it off-site. This opens up all available spaces in the house and leaves the garage clear so that not only the buyers can clearly see the value that they are getting tin the garage space but it makes it much easier to access the garage for inspections and appraisals and it just overall looks better. Remember the less clutter the better!!!

5. Hire your moving company ahead of time

Use extreme caution when searching for a moving company. Not all movers are created equal and anyone with some experience with this can probably tell you some nightmare story that they or someone they know has experienced with subpar moving companies. Make sure that you are checking references and reviews and that the company you hire is appropriately licensed and insured. If possible get a good recommendation from a trusted friend or professional who has had a good experience with a moving company.

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