Maximize Your Profit with Professional Photos

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words.

We are a real estate team that takes your home and your equity very seriously. We take pride in showcasing our clients homes in the best light possible to maximize their profits. We strongly believe that how you present yourself is how people perceive you and that goes double when marketing your most valuable asset.

Here are some tips to prepare your home for the best photo shoot. Think of it as a glamour shot. Talk to your realtor as to how long the shoot should take and schedule your day accordingly.

Day before the photo shoot:

  • Replace all burn out light bulbs.
  • The property should be clean and clutter free (we hire a professional cleaner if needed to lighten your load).
  • Minimize items on counter tops and vanities.
  • Remove photos and personal items you do not want in the photo shoot.
  • Add decorative accents such as flowers, plants and some pillows if possible.
  • No other service people should be schedule on the day of the phot shoot.
  • Have all lights on.
  • Minimize items on counter tops and vanities.
  • Have ceilings fans off and light on.
  • Put Trash cans, pet bowls, beds and cages out of sight.
  • Put pets in a safe place where they will not be in the photo.
  • Remove magnets and other items from surface of refrigerator.
  • Conceal cookware, dishes and cleaning supplies.
  • Beds should be neatly made and with covers hanging evenly.
  • Bedding should be plain or small print, specially lighter colors.
  • Pick and hide any clothes.
  • Conceal any personal hygiene items.
  • Mirrors and showers glass enclosures should be clean.
  • Remove parked cars from the driveway or in front of the property.
  • Mow lawns, trim trees and other landscaping conceal all tools and equipment.
  • Clean pools and spas, remove sweep hoses from pools.
  • Turn on pool and spa water features.
  • Try not to schedule your shoot on trash day and put trash cans out of sight.

Yes, we know some of these things are common sense, and sometimes we are so worried and/or busy with day to day things that we forget.

For more tips on how to maximize your profit when selling your home please call us: (714) 406-1414.