Is Your Nest Too Big or Too Small?

Is it time for you to upgrade your nest, your pad, your casa? Has your family grown or do you want to downsize because your home is too big for your needs?

Have you been thinking about selling but you are afraid that you will be owning two homes and pay to mortgages or don’t want to move twice or worse yet, that your house will sell and you’ll be homeless?

If you or someone you know is thinking that is time to upgrade your quality of life, change your lifestyle or simply want to take advantage of low rates but you have many fears about doing this we have the solution for you.

We are proud to introduce the home swap program.

We can help you buy your dream home, move into it and then once you are in your new home we can help you sell your existing home for 100% or more of market value. You will be able to buy without being a contingent buyer and thus making you a very strong buyer in today’s challenging market.

Why would you want to do this? Well today in this hot sellers market most homes are receiving multiple offers, thus making contingent buyers nearly impossible to get their offer accepted. Or lets say that you sold your home and you have to wait for your dream home to become available and thus causing undue stress or having to move twice or in a worse case scenario being homeless! Either case is not a good position to be in.

With our solution, the Knock Swap Program, which is available only to our VIP clients, we help you buy your dream home, and then we prepare your home for sale put your home on the market. To get you a hassle-free moving experience, This will alleviate much of the stress of selling your home such as, having to go outside every time somebody is coming to see the home, having to have it ready at all times. and better yet have your family safe since you won’t be at the house while a bunch of strangers are tramping through your home.

If you want to know if this the the solution for you you can call us now. When you decide that this the the solution for you and your family, you will enjoy a stress free and safe moving process. You will enjoying your new home while we get to work to market and maximize the profits from your home.

If this sounds like the right program for you please call us right away: (714)-406-1414.