Our 3 Exclusive Guarantees to Home Sellers

Here are some of our unique guarantees and how they will help your home stand apart from your neighbors when you are selling.

1. Your Home Sold Guarantee

This is the one we get the most questions about. Here is how it works:

According to NAR the National Association of Realtors about 80% of home buyers have a home to sell. Normally in this situation their agent will advise them to do what’s known as a “contingent sale” meaning they are making an offer on your home based the the contingency of selling their home. Often the majority of the funds they will need to complete the sale will be coming from the sale of their current home.

Unfortunately in this market most sellers are not even considering contingent offers. The problem that these buyers face is what we call the real estate catch 22 situation where they can either buy their new home and then sell their current one and risk getting stuck with two homes or worse yet, sell their current home before they have found their new home and risk ending up homeless.

Neither is a good option.

Our solution to this is simple. When we advertise and market your home we let the buyers know through signage and in our marketing that if they buy your home we will buy theirs. The way this works is simple because we work with some of the nations largest cash buyers we can make them a guaranteed cash offer on their home which then allows them to make a non contingent offer on your home.

The benefit to you as a home seller is that you get the opportunity to make your home available to the largest possible pool of buyers, This creates higher demand generates more offers and nets you the seller a higher selling price for the home.

2. Find Your Next Home Guarantee

This one is really helping a lot of sellers in this market here’s how it works: When you list your home for sale with us we guarantee in writing to find your replacement home within 60 days or we will pay you $1000 cash and you can cancel the contract at no cost or obligation.

3. Your Price Guarantee

We guarantee to all of our sellers to get them the price that we agree upon for the home or we will pay them $5000 upon closing. Its that simple you get the price that you want or we pay you.

So you might be thinking “What’s the catch?” The answer is simple there isn’t one. Our conditions are the same for all of our guarantees its that The Smith Team (that’s us) and the sellers must agree on terms and possession at the time of listing. Its that simple.

For a free copy of our any of our Guarantee Certificates. Or for a free market analysis, please call us 714-406-1414